What’s for BREAKFAST?! Check out this recipe!

Breakdown the word “BREAK-FAST”. As you can already see, it simply means breaking a fast! Some people choose to do so earlier in the day while others choose a later time for breakfast. No matter when you choose to break your fast, the best way to do so is by fueling your body with something nutritious when you break this fast and continue on with your day, fully-charged!

Have you ever consider having a daily staple for breakfast? What is your favorite go-to or grab-and-go?! For those who like to bake in advance or meal-prep, this would be an opportunity to try out a new recipe.

Now, here’s your chance to pack in as much fiber and nutrients into your very own baked bars! Learn this staple recipe that I modified from the original recipe of “banana bread”. It will be a great to-go snack or your very own morning nutrient-dense breakfast!

See this colorful plate of breakfast with my Banana-oat bar! The recipe is downloadable in PDF BELOW!

A colorful plate of fruits and vegetables surrounding a delicious piece of baked Banana-Oat bar (from red bell peppers packed with Vitamin C that supports the immune system and dark purple grapes full of Anthocyanins that destroy free radicals to fiber-filled avocados and nutrient-dense orange persimmons just in season!)

If you’d like to try out the recipe, download the PDF below!