About CTS Method

This method of training is not about getting “amazing results in just 6 weeks!” nor is it about keeping you entertained and interested enough to try to get your workouts done. The work you will experience here will be systematic and progressive, and will get you to very specific goals. The most important ingredient will be your desire to get there.

Cognitionis is Latin for “knowledge”. The definition of knowledge is: “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject” or “awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. ‘ CTS literally translates to training from knowledge and experience.

The logo represents the trifecta of a strong foundation in life: the book of knowledge, the hand of physical strength and the shield and sword of defense.

Cognitionis Training Systems and the CTS Method are the result of over 25 years of experience, practical application and study by Varg Freeborn. Varg began his research and practice as a teenager in one of the most hardcore bodybuilding and powerlifting gyms of Southern Ohio in 1994.

After 5 years in that incredible atmosphere learning bodybuilding, powerlifting and high-level conditioning, he went on to spend the next 20+ years in and out of all types of gyms, including boxing, MMA, BJJ, corporate, big box, small private owned and more. He worked in West Palm Beach, FL as a bodybuilding coach, and as a full-time personal trainer in multiple states, earning various certifications in personal training and weightlifting. He even coached in a Crossfit gym for a while…

Personal Trainer circa 2006

In 2015, the first “laboratory” was developed when Varg opened his first gym in Warren, Ohio experimenting with both the training system and the business model. It was a success and in 2017 he packed the gym up and headed to Florida to begin work towards building a robust online coaching program, and to eventually open a destination gym on the beautiful Florida coastline. (A plan that is still in progress!)

The first gym, Warren, Ohio 2015

The CTS Method is a holistic approach to training to increase strength and performance utilizing mixed methods, all customized for the individual’s needs and limitations. We focus on an individual’s imbalances and deficiencies FIRST, to bring the body into balance and prepare it for the loads of training at a high level. The stresses and other activities of each individual’s life are taken into consideration and written into every program.

The CTS Method Diagram outlining the elements of the training cycles and loops.
The CTS Method

The trendy fitness crazes of today fail to take these important factors into consideration, and subsequently set people up for failure, or worse, injury. Most of them skip the important foundation laying work that prepares the joints and connective tissues to safely handle the loads that proper training will put on them. We do that work first, and then we move to work toward the specific performance adaptations the individual wants.

Mixed method training offers you and your coach a full toolbox to use in your pursuit of physical performance and fitness. If you want strength, you use the strength methods that work. If you want endurance, you train like the best in the endurance business (scaled for you, of course). You get the idea.

No one system does EVERYTHING great (in spite of what they tell you), but there is a system out there that is great at each one thing, so we know where to look for answers. Whether your goal is to be better at weightlifting (Olympic snatch and clean & jerk), powerlifting (bench, squat, deadlift), bodybuilding & physique, fight/self-defense specific performance or just want to get into great shape, the CTS Method will get you the results you want, and more.